Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hardy Forms of Deodara Cedar

  • I am surprised by the increasing numbers of deodara cedars (Cedrus deodara) prospering in Zone 6-b and 7 gardens. Perhaps, deodara cedars are much hardier than once thought. The buzz at the recent American Conifer Regional meeting held in Richmond, VA is this list that I am posting here for you to try.

    Tree forms:
  • 'Karl Fuchs'
  • 'Shalimar'
  • 'Eisregen'
  • 'Eiswinter'
  • 'Polar Ice'

    Shrub forms:
  • 'Feelin Blue'
  • 'Glacier Blue' (photo)
  • 'Divinely Blue'
  • 'Snow Sprite'
  • 'Cream Puff'
  • 'Aurea'

Deodara cedars grow in deep, moist, well-drained, acidic loams in full sun. D-cedars are intolerant of poorly drained wet soils. D-cedars are very drought tolerant once established. I urge providing some protection around young plants from drying winter winds until they become established after two years.

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