Monday, January 4, 2010

Big Begonias

The Benary 'Big Begonia' series are a hit, "begonias on steroids", some gardeners may say. Individual flowers are twice that of other bedding begonias. Colors are vivid with three cultivars currently available . 'Big Rose Bronze Leaf' is my personal favorite. (pictured)
Begonias grow best in well drained, humus-rich garden soil. Provide tender -loving care for the first 4 weeks in the spring, and plants will bloom non-stop through a long hot, dry summers into the first hard frost autumn.

Plant the Big begonias in full sun or partial sun (a minimum of 5 hours of sun recommended). Disease and insect pests are rarely an issue for these tough, non-stop flowering annuals. Do not plant begonias in the same garden spot more than 3 consecutive years to avoid buildup of soil pathogens.

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