Monday, May 17, 2010

No-Spray Shrub Roses

Photo: Carefree Sunshine Rose at UT Gardens in Knoxville, TN
Over the past decade the Knockout®, Carefree® and Home Run® series of shrub roses have altered the appearance of residential and commercial properties. From 2006 -08, no-spray rose trial was conducted at two University of Tennessee Research and Education Centers in Jackson and Crossville, TN and the USDA Horticultural Research Lab in Poplar, MS.
Over 135 cultivars were evaluated. "The ultimate disease test for roses is to test them south of the Mason-Dixon line where disease pressure is highest", according to Dr. Mark Windham, UT Research Pathologist.

Shrub Roses Resistant (R) or Moderately Resistant (MR) to Black Spot and Cercospora Leaf Spot:
Carefree Sunshine (MR) - F
‘Fiesta’ (MR)
‘Golden Eye’ (R]
‘Hansa’ (R) - F
‘Homerun’ (MR)
Knockout Rose (R)
‘My Girl’ (R) - F
‘My Hero’ (MR)
‘Palmengarten Frankfurt’ (MR) - F
Pink Knockout (R)
‘Super Hero’ (MR)
’Wild Spice’ (MR) - F
‘Wild Thing’ (MR)
‘Wildberry Breeze’ (R) - F
F indicates rose is fragrant

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