Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ivy Geranium 'Lila Compact'

Ivy-leaf geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum) owe their name to their leaf shape. While zonal geraniums are favorites in garden beds, the vining or cascading ivy geraniums excel in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Earlier this month I spotted this lavender beauty called ‘Lila Compact’ Cascade™ (photo) in downtown Asheville, NC. City grounds crews have hand-watered all plants over a 5-6 block area every morning since mid-May.

Improved modern cultivars exhibit better heat and drought tolerances than in the past. Newer cascading varieties of ivy geraniums are also more floriferous. Ivy-leaf geraniums grow best in cool climates and lots of sun. They handle 85°F summer temperatures for short stretches. In warmer areas of zone 7, place containers in partially shaded exposures. Ivy leaf geraniums don’t hold up to long periods of drought. They are planted outdoors after threats of spring frosts have passed and the soil/media has warmed up.

The single flowering types produce more blooms than the semi-double flowering varieties. Plants hold their compact form throughout the summer months. Many colorful varieties are available -- from 12” sized miniatures to the vigorous 4- 5 feet cascading types highlighted here.

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