Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Clothed in Glory' daylily

(Photo courtesy of The Daylily Nursery)
Browsing through several garden catalogs on this snowy February day, I spotted a new daylily gem called 'Clothed in Glory' from The Daylily Nursery, a mail order emporium in Rock Island, TN.
Tim Hitchcock, nursery owner, describes 'Clothed in Glory' as an 18- inch tall lavender beauty possessing regal golden frilled-edged petals with a yellow center eye. Each flower measures 7 inches across and the floral bud count is enormous. 'Clothed in Glory' re-blooms in early fall if kept watered and fertilized over a hot, dry summer.
Daylilies are low maintenance perennials which grow in any well-drained soil. Very few disease and insect pests bother them. Plant them in early spring and daylilies will bloom their first summer (late spring). Divide daylilies every 5-6 years to maximize flower numbers.
With over 84,000 registered daylily daylilies in the world marketplace, gardeners still rally around the popular 18-22 inch tall landscape cultivars: 'Stella D'Oro', 'Pardon Me', and 'Happy Returns'. I recommend adding 'Clothed in Glory to your garden this spring.

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