Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Dogwoods for Mildew Resistance

'Joy' 'Mist' 'Snow' 'Blush'

Powdery mildew has become more of a problem across the southeastern U.S. over the past ten years on flowering dogwood (Cornus florida). University of Tennessee plant scientists have developed a series of mildew resistant dogwoods (pictured above). Each cultivar is sold under the Appalachian series of dogwoods. In cool spring climates, the white floral bracts of 'Appalachian Blush' will develop a pinkish blush. Generally, the color blush is rarely observed in Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

These cultivars join 'Cherokee Brave' (dark pink bracts) as the only powdery mildew resistant dogwoods. Only in a rare occasion will you need to spray these dogwood cultivars.

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