Thursday, February 11, 2010

Privacy Screening - Avoid Using Leyland Cypress

(Pictured-- Leyland cypress screen)
'Green Giant' arborvitae and Cryptomeria (Japanese cedar) have proven more dependable over the years than Leyland cypress across Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Leyland cypress is susceptible to three serious foliar diseases.
Some people love the faster growth of Leyland cypress. Leyland cypress may be weak-wooded, as reported by some gardeners this current frigid winter. Fast growing species tend to be weak-wooded. This may be the problem with the heavy snow and high wind storms this past winter.
Ask yourself "do you really need to construct a 50-60 foot green wall so you can hide from the sight and noise of your neighbors". A 10 to 12 foot screen is usually what most people need.
I would sway you to choosing a shorter and slower growing needle evergreen like Emerald™ arborvitae, any tall-growing evergreen holly (Ilex spp.) or an evergreen flowering shrub like Pragense viburnum.

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