Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Native Viburnums

photo -Arrowwood viburnum in late summer
A trip to Carolina Native Plants Nursery in Burnsville, NC gave me this idea to list those viburnums which are U.S. natives in plant zones 6-7. All are worthy for planting in your landscape in full sun except where noted. All attract birds and other wildlife to your property.
  • Mapleleaf vibrnum (V. acerifolium) - prefers dry shade sites
  • Witherod viburnum (V. cassinoides)
  • Arrowwood viburnum (V. dentatum) - hardy north into zone 3
  • Sheepberry, nannyberry (V. lentago) -hardy north to zone 3
  • Smooth witherod viburnum (V. nudum)- superior cultivar 'Winterthur'
  • Small viburnum (V. obovatum)
  • Black haw viburnum (V. prunifolium) -in part shade areas
  • Rusty blackhaw (V. rufidulum)
  • American cranberrybush (V. trilobum)- try cultivar 'Wentworth'; hardy to zone 2

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